Quick Creation of  Business Travel Application


HR department decides to implement a personal/business travel guide book with all necessary and essential information available online as well as offline secured and customized for each traveler.

Note: The sample project is already created and it is available here (User Names: User1 or User2 Passwords: enter)

  • Adding new Project
    • HR department creates a new project for a business trip.
    • HR department creates the project structure which can be used as a template for next business trips (via Copy Project) the new structure contains all necessary sections as Tickets, Accommodation, Meeting documentation, Meeting Information, Leisure, Things to Take, Things to Do etc.
    • HR department assigns required employee to this project
  • Uploading/Saving relevant documentation
    • HR department saves tickets and all reservations into appropriate project sections. (This example shows the use of MS Word with e-Motion Add In to upload a content in efficient HTML format)
  • HR department or Employee himself publishes any essential information into eBook to be accessible for studying during travel.
  • HR department creates a checklist and sends with its link to employee
  • Innovation director updates some late night information for the meeting and uploads additional documents  
    • (This example shows the use of more traditional PDF file)
    • For better accessibility from low spec devices and smaller data sizes the pdf file is converted into pictures where each page of pdf file is converted into one picture
  • The new employee who is attending the business trip also has to be added to the system so the new user account is created and is also assign to this project
  • Employee starts to pack and uses checklist received from HR
    • This example is using an old mobile phone
  • At the airport, someone forgot his ticket but it is not a problem because any mobile device connected to internet will display it just fine to check in without any delay
    • Once again the ordinary old mobile phone is used