Motion is an internet cloud system. Motion allows a creation of unlimited number of independent cloud spaces shared by individual user bases (no cross access)


Each Motion cloud space allows a creation of unlimited number of user accounts and unlimited number of projects. Projects are independent Motion cloud spaces where a required individual user access might or might not be granted to any user from the same Motion cloud space directly by project owner.


Every user creates an unlimited number of own fully customizable projects – Motion cloud spaces to justify all his or her needs from a simple document sharing to dynamically generated workflow processes.


Motion saves times and money…

Your document in Motion Cloud
Online help or documentation - Heliport
Dynamically generated web sites - My Web
eBooks Publishing - Motion Pub
Native support of Localization
Editing from any version of MS Word - e-Motion MS Word Add In
Online Check or Shoppoing Lists - Check
Internal and External Interactive Workflows and online tests
Online Secure Library - OneClick
Supported by all web browsers.