Mobile Phone OS Localization Test Management


To perform a localization testing of new mobile phone model


 100 people involved in three companies (Mobile phone manufacturer, testing provider, independent supervisor) in 3 countries and several offices. The test suite contains more than 9000 test cases (more than 27000 A4 pages) and planned time of testing is 12 months. The progress should be reported weekly to both phone manufacturer and supervising company.


Mobile phone manufacturer uses a test case management tool not accessible externally due to security. Localization testing has to be performed in 24 languages (Testers need to know exact translated string to be checked on tested mobile phone in each language during test) and their tool does not support this functionality

  • Create a new project in Motion docUploader and import all test cases in rtf format  (exported from Lotus Notes) as well as their folder structure into Motion via Motion “docUploader”
    • This step might be repeated every time any file is updated (all files are matched and updated automatically)
  • Select a project which was created and change settings to enable auto translation of test cases
    • The connection string to SQL server with translated strings has to be entered
    • Target languages must be selected
  • Create a new user and assign him to the project
    • The user is a member of user group “Testers”
  • Add a section (folder) which has to be tested to favorites for faster execution
    • Speeds up an execution of large projects
  • Test management
    • The test is executed by two testers Tester 1 and Tester 2 and supervised by project manager Frantisek
    • Tester 1 tests Russian and Tester 2 French device.
    • Tester 1 is faster and on the second test case his device crashes so Tester 1 enters a new task (bug) for this test case describing the problem.
    • Tester 2 executes second test case and his device crashes. He notices that the task (bug) is already entered for this problem so he finishes the test
    • Project manager monitors the progress (tasks (bugs), Report – section - Users) in run time