Fast Web Site Implementation and Management


The web site is needed for a new project. It has to be set up quickly on limited budget. Because the project runs in several countries the web site has to be localized into all target languages. This will be done in house by employees without any special localization or html programing skills.

Note: The sample project is already created and you are looking at it just now. Please be aware that the final version or some details of this web site could be different than shown on videos.

  • Creating new Web Page
    • MS Word is used to create a content of web page so no special html programming is required.
    • Content is saved to Motion directly via MS Word Add In e-Motion
  • Creating new web site sub level
    • Motion supports unlimited number of pages and sublevels but keeping the content highly organized in the same time
    • The new sublevel is added simply by creating a new sub folder with its home page with the same name. Then new navigation menu is created automatically
  • Creating the link of new web site
    • One click creates the link to online book Heliport
    • One click creates the link to automatically generated web site MyWeb
  • Localization of content to support new markets
  • The finalization of content
    • The web site is streamlined and simplified
    • The new home page is created and the old one is archived